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Hi there and welcome to our website at abc94.com. Always be Contributing.

By the way ABC stands for Always Be Contributing. This may mean always be contributing to society, or your family, your school, the environment, the planet, or you.

But in one way or another you should always be contributing.

There are too many times that we are all too selfish, too self absorbed to realize that we should be contributing at least some time to helping neighbors, friends, family.

So here’s a couple of ideas about how to contribute. Maybe you can read a book to a youngster. If they’re a little older you could read the book with them. In this way, you can contribute by helping the younger generation learn by reading. Something that most young people do not do enough of.

Need another way to contribute? You could help an older person plant a garden or take care of their yard. It’s always hard for the elderly to do some tasks around the house – you could help! Not only would you be helping, but you would feel great.

The possibilities to help are endless. So let’s Always be Contributing to a better society and a better planet.